About Us

We are ” Container freight station “, ( CFS ), a well respected freight forwarding company in Bahrain. We are active in the field since 2004.

Being purely  a freight forwarding company, our primary goal is to look for import and export cargo on FCL,  LCL by Sea and Air cargo.  We have a reasonably good market share as we provide excellent service and regular updates to our customers. In addition to our regular import,  both  on LCL and FCL, we are also able to secure a fairly good volume of export in FCL and  LCL cargo as well.

To give you a brief on our volumes, in 2013, we have participated in exports of around 2396 TEUS to various destinations and in 2014 we raised our bar, we did 3483 TEUS and in 2015 though a very difficult year, we somehow managed 2292 TEUS. We do have a sizable volume in the Inter-Gulf trade as well.

On an average , we are involved in import of around 1000 TEUS FCL annually and around 5000 cbm  LCL, we do approximately around  50 to 60 tons of air imports as well.